Megan McDowell: Best Reads of 2015

Reading Lists

We published Megan McDowell‘s translation of Alejandro Zambra’s MY DOCUMENTS back in April 2015. Here she picks her best reads of 2015, including two novels — by Enriquez and Schweblin — that she is currently translating from Spanish to English.

Mariana Enriquez, LAS COSAS QUE PERDIMOS EN EL FUEGO (THE THINGS WE LOST IN THE FIRE) (Casanovas & Lynch Agencia Literaria, 2016)

Stories full of malevolent children, unnerving images, evil beings lurking under still, black waters — these ‘ghost stories’ are heirs of Silvina Ocampo or Julio Cortázar, but they’re very much their own thing, and they’re great.

Sara Mesa, CICATRIZ (SCAR) (Anagrama, 2015)

The relationship between Sonia and Knut is not love or friendship; it’s something twisted but recognisable, made of a distorted capitalism in the internet age. It’s impossible to look away.

Samanta Schweblin, DISTANCIA DE RESCATE (RESCUE DISTANCE) (Literatura Random House, 2015)

This book weaves together toxic agro-chemicals, the mother-child bond, and the transmigration of souls into a terrifying read that grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go. The rising sense of dread makes for an intensely satisfying read.