Augustín Fernández Mallo: Best Reads in 2015

Reading Lists

In November of this year we published NOCILLA DREAM (tr. Thomas Bunstead), the first book of the cult NOCILLA TRILOGY by Spanish writer (and physicist) Augustín Fernández Mallo. Here are the top three books he read this year:

Eugene Thacker, IN THE DUST OF THIS PLANET (Zero Books, 2001)

I have read the translation of IN THE DUST OF THIS PLANET, and I think that is a very original point of view about the dark zone that exists between this fiction which is called “human nature” and this other fiction which is called “animal nature”. It is an amazing exploration in order to establish the cartography of this new land, so far a no mans land, and its relationship with new utopias of “accelerationism” and “additivism”.

Benoît Peeters, DERRIDA (Polity Press, 2014)

Also I have read a Derrida biography, which is called DERRIDA, by Benoît Peeters (I suppose that exist in English). In my opinion one of the best summaries of his experience of life and, at the same time, his philosophical ideas.

Nick Cave, THE SICK BAG SONG (Canongate, 2015)

And finally, I have read the wonderful Nick Cave book, THE SICK BAG SONG. It features notes written during his promotional and concert tours across the USA which he wrote on those typical bags that there in the aeroplanes for the vomit. They are very poetic poems and thoughts, wonderful and very intelligent. On the other hand, who has not once written a poem on this kind of bag?