The ReportA Report by Joshua Craze


Fitzcarraldo Editions publisher Jacques Testard has acquired world rights to Joshua Craze’s The Report: A Report.

Shortlisted for the Fitzcarraldo Editions Essay Prize for first-time writers, The Report will deal with Joshua Craze’s decade-long experience working as a conflict researcher in Sudan and South Sudan, investigating the very act of reporting, revealing the poetry of factual creation, and the way knowledge and facts are put to use by the international community. The Report will track a report on its picaresque adventure through the world, from South Sudan to D.C., and report back on the spies, soldiers, and diplomats it meets on the way. An investigation into the status and stakes of knowledge today, The Report will critically assess the quality of information that can be acquired from vehicle breakdowns in the middle of swamps and the late-night confessions of Dubai oil traders, while probing the ontology of bureaucratic acronyms and the veracity of rebel groups invented in the boardrooms of Langley. The book will appear in 2023, in Fitzcarraldo Editions’ essay series. 

Joshua Craze’s writing on art, war, and literature have appeared in n+1Cabinet, and the Guardian. His Grammar of Redaction, which examined the strange linguistic categories of the redacted documents of the war on terror, was exhibited at the New Museum, New York, and he has written catalogue essays for Jenny Holzer’s redaction paintings. He has had residencies at Dar al-Ma’mûn, Marrakech, where he was a UNESCO artist laureate in creative writing; Art OMI, New York; and, most recently, at the Embassy of Foreign Artists, in Geneva, where he began research for a new project in the archives of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees.